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by | Jul 1, 2022 | Commercial Photography

Hire a commercial interior photographer and the resulting images will help your client attract more attention. Commercial interior photography involves a clear understanding of the primary use of the space. Professional interior photographers might produce work for hoteliers, developers, interior designers, and industrial product installation companies to achieve high-end detailed photography to showcase their spaces or projects.

What to Look for In a Commercial Interior Photographer

Different from architectural and general property photography this is a niche that showcases how spaces are utilized.

  • A commercial interior property photographer explores the space on arrival and makes sure to de-clutter and re-position badly placed objects.
  • A good interior photographer will always use a tripod, this helps shoot at a low ISO and high aperture to capture everything in focus, say between f10-f16.
  • You don’t need to shoot 14mm from each corner – some design compositions will require a narrower field of view but also shoot portraits as well, this is essential for magazines and social media.
  • A commercial interior photographer focuses on a service or a product that the client is selling, and it freezes one moment in time.  You want that frozen moment that captures the beauty of the interior of the home for sale or the attractiveness of an office at its best

The Cost of Hiring a Photographer

The cost of hiring a professional photographer may prompt you to ponder the question of whether you might be able to get by without it. But, creating custom brand photography isn’t as expensive as you might imagine. Sure ongoing social media feeds may only require a smartphone but you need to think bigger sometimes.

Commercial photography involves photographing a particular product, or someone supplying or receiving a particular service, in a way that presents that product or service’s best features and entices the viewer to want to buy.

Charles Quinn, the owner of Composite Photo & Video, is a commercial photographer. He shoots exterior and interior images, aerial shots, and videos in the greater Austin area.

Our Services

Composite Photo & Video provides comprehensive Austin residential and commercial real estate photography services including:

  • Residential interior photography
  • Commercial interior photography

If you’d like to connect with a Commercial Interior Photographer Austin, an experienced interior photographer, please feel free to reach out to us at Composite Photo and Video. We’d be more than happy to entertain your questions.

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