Are You Supposed to Tip a Photographer?

Are you supposed to tip a photographer? Although it is not required to tip photographers for their services, it is quickly becoming customary, especially if they go above and beyond.

Are you supposed to tip a photographer?

The practice of tipping is, in general, a way to show your appreciation and gratitude for another’s hard work. If you do not tip at all, it might be a signal to the photographer that you did not like the way they did their work. The amount you tip can also signify how impressed you are with their work. For example, a $50 tip shows a great deal more appreciation than a $5 tip. If you hired a self-employed photographer, there is less pressure to tip because he/she will be able to take home whatever you pay them. Though tipping is neither required nor expected for every type of photographer, it is a good rule of thumb to tip about 10%.

  1. Many Photographers Work For A Company and Do Not Keep The Majority Of What You Paid

Many photographers work for large companies. Even if you pay a generous sum as your flat rate, there is a good chance that the company pockets the majority of that to pay overhead fees, in addition to other employees like accountants, salespeople, and administrative assistants.

  1. Photography Is a Skilled Trade and An Art

Photography is a true art form. Not everyone can do it, as it requires great skill. Tips show an added appreciation for your photographer’s artistic abilities.

  1. It Is Not Customary To Ask for Tips, and Photographers Rarely Receive Them.

Tipping is expected in the hospitality industry, especially for waitstaff and bellhops.

  1. It Is Extremely Difficult To Be Successful In the Art World

If you tip your photographers, it is another way to encourage them to keep pursuing their passion and give them the disposable income to pursue photography outside of the commercial side of the craft.

  1. Photography Requires Much More Time and Effort Beyond Camera Work

Taking pictures is a very small portion of the photographer’s job. In fact, most of the time is spent at the computer, editing photos. If you tip your photographer, you are showing appreciation for what they have done already, and the work they are about to do going forward.

  1. Tips Encourage the Photographer To Do An Extra Good Job With Your Edits

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. If you tip them before they have finished taking all the photos, the photographer will probably put extra effort into making sure they capture all the special moments.

  1. Tipping Is A Great Way To Establish A Professional And Personal Relationship with the Photographer, So She Will Want To Work with You Again In The Future

If you enjoyed collaborating with this photographer, showing your gratitude and respect via gratuity will incentivize the photographer to prioritize your patronage in the future. It is common for photographers to get booked ahead of time, but if you have tipped a photographer in the past, they would likely try extra hard to squeeze you in, even if it is short notice.

  1. It Is an Appreciative Gesture When A Photographer Did You A Favor Or Worked With A High-Maintenance Group

You should especially consider tipping your photographer if you booked them with short notice or during a high-maintenance event. You should consider tipping your photographer for working hard without much warning, and for dealing with big, demanding crowds.

  1. Photography Gear Is Very Expensive

It is expensive to keep up with all the latest trends in photographic technology, and a tip can go a long way in helping a photographer keep their career afloat.

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