Austin Real Estate Photography FAQs

What is your turnaround time?

Turnaround time is between 24 and 48 hours depending on how many services are requested. Images from Friday photo sessions will be delivered the following Monday. Holidays may affect turnaround time.

Do you have Supra eKEY access?

Yes, we now have Supra eKEY access! This makes the photography process easier for all of our realtor and homeowner clients.

When is payment due?

Payment is due before images are delivered. Invoices can be paid online directly from the image download page. Payment is also accepted through Venmo. 

How do you deliver images?

Clients download images from a dedicated download page that provides options for image sizes and branded vs. non-branded images. Embed codes are provided for products such as 360-degree virtual tours and videos. Downloads are super simple, and payment can be made directly from the download page.

Who owns the images?

Composite Photo & Video retains copyright ownership of all images. Clients are granted rights to use the photos for marketing the home, agent, and brokerage firm. Clients may not sell or give images to a third party for commercial use. Usage rights begin when payment is made in full.

What is your policy for inclement weather?

Photo sessions can be rescheduled free of charge because of bad weather. If a home doesn’t have large windows the interior can often be photographed when it is raining. Exterior photos can be rescheduled for a later date.

How long does it take to photograph a home?

The time required to photograph a home depends on several factors including the size of the home, the number of rooms, and how much prep must be done when the photographer arrives (for example opening blinds, turning on lights, etc.). Ideally, it takes from 45 minutes to two hours to photograph a home. Additional services such as a walkthrough video and 360-degree tours will increase the photographer’s time at a home.

Do you do staging or cleaning during a photo session?

Homes are photographed as-is. The photographer does not clean or stage homes. Suggestions for preparing a home for photography can be found here.

Are you an FAA certified drone operator?

Yes, I am. All federal, state, and local drone regulations are strictly adhered to.