Residential Interior Photography

Austin Residential Interior Photography - photo by Composite Photo and Video

Austin Residential and Commercial REal Estate Photography

Composite Photo & Video

Composite Photo & Video provides complete Austin residential and commercial real estate photography services including, interior and exterior photography, 360° Virtual Tours, and Drone Photography and Videography.

Commercial property and residential property vary in many ways, as do the techniques, equipment, and knowledge used to photograph them. The differences start with the way residential properties are used compared to commercial properties. Hiring the right photographer, with the right experience, will make a big difference in the quality of the photos that are produced for you project.

Residential Exterior Photography

Commercial Exterior Photography

Austin Commercial Exterior Photography by Composite Photo and Video

Commercial Interior Photography

Austin Commercial Interior Photography by Composite Photo and Video

Property Types We Photograph

Residential property types include, single-family, detached homes, townhouses, condominiums, housing co-operatives, and duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes.

We also consider Apartment Buildings as designed for residential use. However, large-scale apartment complexes are considered commercial property, because the owner leases space to others.

Popular types of commercial property include land investments, large-scale multifamily housing, office buildings, retail space, storage units and warehouses, industrial buildings, shopping centers, and hospitals.

If you’d like to connect with an Austin Residential and Commercial Photography expert in any of these fields, please feel free to reach out to us at Composite Photo and Video.

Contact us at 512-627-2428 or Book an Appointment today. We’d be more than happy to entertain your questions.

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Austin Residential and Commercial Photography

When looking for a photographer, ask yourself, “Of the four kinds of photography below, what kind of real estate do you have and what are the photos’ purpose?”

1. Residential Photography – Most residential photographers shoot exterior and interior images. Some also provide aerial or drone photos and video, and other do 360° Virtual Tours. In the US market, a typical photographer will deliver 20-30 edited images. Residential photographers usually deliver images to their clients with a limited license. While the home is still on the market, the images cannot be used for any other purpose than for marketing and selling the house and until Realtors can sell the home, they alone can use the photos. Prices can vary significantly by location, dependent on several factors such as the city, neighborhood, and the size and price of the home.

2. Commercial Photography – On the other hand, commercial photographs have fewer licensing restrictions, with broader permissions and longer usage terms. Suppose one hires a photographer to take photos of a favorite restaurant in town. If the restaurant owner intends to use the images for several years to promote his business over various mediums (broadcast, magazines, print articles, web, etc.), that’s perfectly okay. Most photographers consider this and photos of the other types of commercial properties listed above commercial photography.

3. Architectural Photography – The term architectural photography leads us to think of exotic, modern building designs. However, architectural photography subjects for real-world clients don’t usually fall into that category. Instead, architectural photos typically focus on, and highlight the flow of, a single space or structure. Those photos could also show functional design or the quality of construction.

As such, architectural photographers often work with their clients to decide on the exact features to highlight. When shooting, they carefully consider the lighting, angles, and environmental factors required to produce the right photographs, such as the weather and time of day. As a result, they may use higher resolution cameras and lenses, as well as better lighting and other equipment.

4. Interior Photography

– As the name suggests, interior photographers are concerned with the flow and design of interior spaces and rooms. The focus is more on the emotional aspects — how the color, design, furnishings, and other amenities evoke a certain mood or feeling. Clients of interior photographers are usually architects, interior designers, magazines, realtors for luxury homes, staging companies, and even homeowners.