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by | Jan 1, 2022 | Commercial Photography

According to PIXPA “commercial photography near me” includes photographs of products or individuals, used to sell products and/or services. Other people say the name only applies to advertising shots, but others include print or catalog work and e-commerce shots.

Types of Photographs for Commercial Use

Now that we have a broad definition, let’s look at examples of assignments a commercial photographer might pick up.

  • Advertising – This type of photography includes images promoting a product or service used in billboards, posters, magazine pages, online adverts, product catalogs, etc.
  • Website Images – All images used to promote a new product launch or included with a press release.
  • Catalog and Sales Images – These are images of a product in use and are often formulaic (for example, a clothing brand will usually want models wearing the clothes. Think, also, of restaurant menus, and non-conventional ‘catalogs’ like Etsy or Facebook Marketplace.
  • Product Images – These are mages you see on the packaging, including CD and DVD covers, tags, instructional guides, etc.

How to Grow Your Business with Photographs

Commercial photography can provide a serious boost your business. Photography is a critical component of strong branding and telling your (or your products) story. One photography company says, “Scroll through a website or an Instagram page and notice how the site is carefully curated. You immediately get a sense of who that brand or person is and exactly what their values and motivations are.” You immediately know just how powerful brand photography can be. For more information, schedule a free consultation with Charles.

Cost of Commercial Photography

ThumbTack says, “The average cost of commercial photography sits between $350 – $500 nationwide.”Commercial photography bases its fees on a few factors, including the reputation of the photographer, purchasing and maintaining professional photo equipment, studio time, final photos requested, models used, travel expenses, and retouching fees.



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